Booking And Use



1. General

1.1 These terms and conditions to all events arranged, managed, and hosted by Escape Artist Centre County llc

1.2 Escape Artist Centre County llc is a Limited Liability Company.

1.3 These terms and conditions and any contract concluded incorporating these terms and conditions shall be governed by the laws of the United States and by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

1.4 Escape Artist Centre County llc collects and stores your personal details without disclosing it to any third party.

1.5 Our website may contain hyperlinks to third party websites. The operation of those sites are not in our control and you may use them at your own risk. Escape Artist Centre County llc accepts no liability from any damage from any of those sites.

1.6 While you are on our premises, you must follow our rules and regulations, adopt proper standards of behavior, and follow the direction of staff and personnel.

1.7 No recordings of any part of the games may be recorded in the game area. This is to include the use of mobile phones, recording devices and cameras. No such use of any those devices will be permitted at any time in the game areas.

1.8 Escape Artist Centre County llc expects guests to not disclose any details of the game directly or indirectly to the public.

1.9 Escape Artist Centre County llc reserves the rights to change Terms and Agreements.

1.10 Privacy Statement- Escape Artist Centre County llc collects and stores your personal details. Escape Artist Centre County llc employees a third party company to process credit card information and payments. Escape Artist Centre County llc is dedicated to ensure the privacy of your personal information.

2. Booking

2.1 By booking an event you confirm that
-You provide accurate personal information with regard to contact details (telephone numbers and email address) and the name of the participant.
-You accept our Terms and Conditions.

2.2 Escape Artist Centre County llc is not responsible for any incorrect or inaccurate information submitted during the booking process. All updates about bookings are sent by email or by telephone. If you do not receive an email or a phone call please contact Escape Artist Centre County llc at

2.3 If the booking process is aborted following the completion of the online booking form, guests have the option to pay within 24 hours. This is known as a holding period. An email will be sent as a reminder that the payment will be made within that holding period. Once the payment is received then an email confirmation will be sent. However if the payment is not received during the holding period then an email will be sent about the cancellation of the booking and the time slot will made public again.

2.4 We will only accept valid voucher codes which can be redeemed on our online booking system.

2.5 Cancellation, refund, and non attendance- Guests will be allowed to change or cancel bookings up to 24 hours prior to the booking. This is referred to as the cancellation period and guests will entitled to a full refund.

2.6 Refunds are only available to guests who fall under the cancellation period or due to an extreme and unavoidable event.

2.7 If a booking is cancelled by Escape Artist Centre County llc, we will contact those affected without delay and a satisfactory solution shall be offered such as change of event date or refund.